Mom’s Tureen (6/365)

Mom's Tureen @OhSoSplendid



Your snow is beautiful. I’m really jealous. We’ve had nothing but rain, rain, rain! I haven’t wanted to leave the house to do anything, so instead we cleaned and organized the kitchen and living room today. We still had bins of Christmas stuff laying out! Now it’s nice and clean, we have candles burning with smells of toffee, crackling woods and pine, and it feels very homey as I watch football and drink my tea.

My favorite part of cleaning up is rearranging the trinkets on our shelves and table. I pulled out my mom’s old tureen (pictured) and it’s now our centerpiece on the dining table. Isn’t it beautiful? I love the charm it adds to our home, and I love that my mom still has a matching one at her house. I think this is one of my only family “heirlooms,” and it couldn’t be more perfect.

Give Bear a kiss for me.




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