Untitled (8/365)


Sup Ev,

I cleaned out and reorganized the fridge and freezer tonight while I watched the UVA-Duke game. We lost, hence my frown.

I hate it when my fridge gets too cluttered and messy. It calms my fridge anxiety to give it a good cleaning. Is that weird? Typing it makes it seem weird…

Anyway, I got a bunch of photos back today I ordered a couple months ago. There were a lot of photos of Paris, and looking through them made me both very happy and very sad. Will there ever be a day I don’t miss her? It feels so empty without her here sometimes, and I miss giving her a big bear hug. She was really great, huh?



One thought on “Untitled (8/365)

  1. Paris was the best. You will probably always miss her, but at least you have bunches of happy memories of her!

    It’s not weird to clean out your fridge as stress relief. I organize drawers to feel calm sometimes.


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