Sick (15/365)


See this bed? I want to curl up in it and never come out, Ev. My sore throat is driving me nuts, and I have a fever of 98.4 or something. Before you tell me that’s normal, know I’m normally running at 96 degrees F. I’m at a normal person’s 100! Ack!

Anyway, I have too much to do this week to stay in bed for more than 6-7 hours. I have a photo shoot tomorrow in which my hands will make an appearance, so I had to go get a manicure. I got gel (shellac? Same thing, right?) for the first time. But I also got a pedicure, and I found the color we wore on your wedding day, so I went with that because it made me think of how much fun we all had that day!

Please send me pho or ramen via drone. Thanks!



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