Damn Dogs (22/365)


Hey lady,

Today is the 27th, which means it has been exactly two months since we lost Paris. I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I also can’t believe it’s only been two months. I keep photos of her at my desk, so it was nice to be able to look at her today and remember her big, furry face. I just hope I never forget her sweet eyes and endless, unconditional love. People without dogs don’t understand how you can get so attached, but the bond is real, and my heart is two months empty and hurt without my girl.

Shit. I didn’t mean to start crying. Damn dogs.

Atlas has been super attached to me lately, so that’s been pretty funny to see as he matures a little bit as the only dog in the house. Tonight, I found him under the covers as I was getting ready for bed. Sometimes I forget how tiny and cute he is, and then woosh! I lift up the covers and see this face and it’s so damn cute that it hurts. I just had to share.

Hope your zoo is well, too.




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