Screen Drama (26/365)

Can we talk for a second about cracking your iPhone screen and just how annoying and expensive it is to fix the thing? I called the local Apple store to get an idea of cost, but they wouldn’t even give me a ballpark estimate. Intensive googling found the max cost was $269 and the likely cost (based on a July 2013 article on a tech blog) was $149. The local fix it guy was $135. I made an appointment with the Genius Bar, which is a little presumptuous of a name, but I let that slide, for 4:50PM on a Friday afternoon (today.)

Of course the downside to “quick in-and-out service” everyone swore I’d have “in 20 minutes” took about 2 hours because the Apple store is inconveniently located inside a suburban sprawl mall.

Two hours later, I disagree. Anyway, I got happy hour by myself while I waited, and now my phone is fixed. Huzzah!

None of that is related to my photo, because Atlas is too cool for silly babble about first world problems. I swear he’s in the photo…



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