Eating Alone (44/365)


Ev, this is a random post, but I started thinking about a lot of stuff while I was eating lunch, so here ya go. What are your thoughts about eating alone?

I don’t mind it at all. I’ve eaten alone at fine dining restaurants, while traveling, at cafés and bistros, at bars, or at average sit-down restaurants. I never thought anything of it. In fact, I kind of like it. But, there are a lot of people who abhor dining alone, and this fascinates me. What do you think they are afraid of? Is it embarrassing? Lonely? Boring?

I’m eating my kale salad and lemon chicken – alone – and appreciating the break of silence in my busy day. I hope those people get to experience that kind of peaceful solo eating someday, too. Don’t you?

Anyway, I saw a bunch of tulips and it got me thinking about Valentine’s Day and people and relationships and my friend who lost his job and impermanence and then…well…eating lunch. So that’s how we got here. Haha! Minds are silly things. Love you.



One thought on “Eating Alone (44/365)

  1. I like eating alone at places like panera or coffee houses. Anywhere I can take a book and people watch. If I’m going to go out for an evening by myself though I much prefer taking myself out to the movies versus taking myself out to dinner.

    It used to be weird for me doing anything like that alone. I used to worry about what people thought about me, if they pitied me, so on and so forth. But now I’m perfectly comfortable in my own skin and I don’t care what people think. Maybe some people just aren’t confident enough?

    I love tulip season btw.


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