Day Forty Five


Dear Kristel,

Today was SO LONG!

The rugrat got up at five. We had the home inspection at eight. They left us freezing on the porch for twenty minutes and then there are the usual stressful issues inspections uncover. Then I ran home, walked the dogs and then ran to Berreth’s four month appointment. He got shots which he took like a champ. Then we ran to target to pick up some of the stuff we needed for the trip to RVA this weekend and then to the bank. Then we went to get the termite inspection and because of the unexpected snow we got the bug guy was an hour late. Then we ran home to walk the dogs and to give them dinner. Then as we were off to Gabby’s for dinner I got my car stuck in the snow bank at the end of my driveway and had to dig it out.

I may have cried as I was screaming obscenities at the pile of shit the snow plow has deposited at the end of my driveway. My neighbors may think I’m insane.

Dinner was lovely though. And as you can see above I drank a tiny champagne that was in the back of our fridge and ate some chocolate after I put the monkey to bed.

Hope your day went a bit smoother.



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