Day Fifty Nine


Dear Kristel,

I ADORE this little man. He’s been growing up so quickly!! He has such a little personality now. He’s still very serious, but is starting to be entertained by silly things. Like flying through the air on my knees.

He’s started reaching for everything! He goes from grabbing his feet to pulling off my glasses to trying to hold his own bottle. It’s impressive how he can get his fat little fingers to grip something so strongly. Though I have to admit when it’s my hair I’m not as thrilled.

He’s also starting to settle into routines and habits. My favorite is when he goes down for a nap or bedtime and he smiles up at me and then promptly pulls the blanket over his head to fall asleep. The cutest.

It makes me sad that I might one day forget these things. But I guess he has a lifetime of doing awesome things for me to remember.



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