Day Seventy Five


This crazy little man is officially five months old today!!! How insane is that??? Five months since he came into this world. And I still don’t fit into my old jeans (not that I’ve really been putting any effort into doing so.)

He’s still a lover of tummy time and has yet to properly roll consistently. He shoves anything he comes into contact with into his mouth. He lights up when he sees me. And the cats. So you know, I can’t feel too special. He loves to tell Taylor about his day when Tay gets home from work. (It’s all baby babble obviously.) He’s a champ with the eating of fruit and vegetable purées. He’s still very serious, but has started to laugh in his own way. No rolling belly laughs from this man. More like startled “oh I guess that was funny” giggles. He likes to blow spit bubbles. Yo gabba gabba makes him cry.



One thought on “Day Seventy Five

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