Day One Hundred and Six


Ah! Berreth is SIX MONTHS OLD today. That’s half a year! How is this possible?

He has mastered the roll, though will only bother to roll from his back to his stomach. He loves his tummy time. The rolling is also used quite a bit when he is down for a nap or bedtime. He manages to wrap himself up like a burrito. It’s adorable. He’s started to push off the ground with his arms and legs, so crawling will soon be a thing I think.

He’s huge! Just over twenty pounds. Wearing size 12-18. He eats anything we put in front of him, so I can’t pick out a favorite food, but he seems to really enjoy his sweet potato puffs. We’ve also been practicing drinking water from a cup, and he loves that!

He’s a serious baby. He considers everything, he even stops to consider if he thinks something is funny before he laughs. He’s happy though! Always greets everyone with a smile.

His sleep patterns are amazing, the doctor says it’s why he’s so big! Plenty of down time to grow. Three one to three hour naps a day and then bedtime from seven thirty till six thirty. I am not complaining.

He’s a super independent one. More than happy to entertain himself on the floor mat or in his exersaucer or in his high chair. As long as I’m in the same room he’s happy.

He’s big into pulling hair. He hates baths. He will still fall asleep on my knees. He loves watching music videos with his daddy and watching his puppies play. He’s the best thing around.



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