Day One Hundred and Thirty Five


Tomorrow this little man is seven months old. SEVEN MONTHS!! How is that even possible?

He is the absolute best. Still not crawling, but working on it. Not that being unable to crawl stops him from getting where he wants to be, it’s amazing how far he can travel just by wiggling or rolling.

He can hold a sitting stance once you place him in it. And we’re teaching him to high five. Cool tricks cool tricks!

He loves frozen fruit in his food net and drinking from a cup. He loves playing peek a boo. He still has no interest in listening to a story. He still loves the zoo more than me.

We’ve given him some tiny pieces of chicken and bean, but he’s mostly still on puréed food.

I have no idea how much he weighs, but it’s a lot. He’s a big dude.

His face has more and more personality and he is constantly cracking me up with his expressions and babbling.

He is my favorite.



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