Don’t Cry Over Spilled…Everything (9/365)


Oh boy. Today, Jay got some super awesome news that I’m not allowed to tell anyone about. We decided we’d celebrate with a nice dinner after the gym, but everything went wrong. I didn’t get a great workout because of broken machines and obnoxious gym-goers. I accidentally insulted the guy working at the seafood counter and felt terrible about it. When I got home, I felt like a glass of wine would make me feel better and what better with Italian red sauce than my leftover bottle of birthday Chianti! Nope. Dropped the damn thing and it shattered into a zillion pieces that flew from my kitchen to Timbuktu. Cleaning that up sucked. And it was my wine, so it double sucked. I dropped the raw beef for my red sauce, but I’d just cleaned the floor four times over, so I used it anyway. Sigh. I burnt my finger, I ruined the sauce for the mussels, I over cooked the pasta. At least the floor meat red sauce was good.

Some days things just happen. Some days this would have made me really upset, but today we laughed it off. I needed that.

So I was a terrible cook tonight. Tomorrow will have to be much better.

To spilled milk. Cheers.